ANSUL High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems

Class A, B, and C hazards are easily suppressed with a properly designed and installed carbon dioxide system. This system deploys carbon dioxide into the area, displacing oxygen, suffocating flames without leaving any liquid or chemical residue behind. The lack of residue makes this system perfect for environments containing valuable assets and sensitive equipment.

Due to the oxygen displacement aspect of this system, any occupied areas must be evacuated before the system deploys. If the area is unoccupied, the system can discharge immediately, if occupied, alarms and discharge delays are necessary to protect any people present.

Each system can be fully customized for the specific fire hazards present. Each cylinder valve has the option to be manually opened or activated automatically by a local or remote pneumatic, electric, pneumatic valve actuator. High pressure systems require 35 lb to 120 lb individual storage cylinders that can be combined for maximum discharge effect depending on the size of the protected area.

Installation, Inspection, Testing & Service

All State Fire & Security is your single source provider for high pressure CO2 fire suppression systems. We install, test, inspect and repair your fire suppression systems. When you work with us, you will get one point of contact and one service contract for all your fire protection needs.

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