Kitchen Fire Suppression & Ventilation

Specialized automatic systems, often referred to as Restaurant Fire Suppression systems, are designed to protect the following areas associated with cooking equipment; ventilating equipment including hoods, ducts, plenums, and filters; fryers; griddles and range tops; upright, natural charcoal, or chain-type broilers; electric, lava rock, mesquite or gas-radiant char-broilers and woks. The system is typically utilized in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, airports, and other similar facilities. The system is capable of automatic detection and actuation and/or remote manual actuation. Additional equipment is available for mechanical or electrical gas line shut-off applications.

The detection portion of the fire suppression system allows for automatic detection by means of specific alloy rated fusible links, which, when the temperature exceeds the rating of the link, the link separates, allowing the regulated release to actuate.

Restaurant Systems

All State Fire is the only Fire Protection firm in the area certified by all of the current fire suppression manufacturers in the market today. From design to installation to service, whether you have an Ansul system or any other brand (Amerex, PyroChem, RangeGuard or Kidde) you can be assured our technicians have the proper manufacturer’s training and we have complete authorized access to all manufacturer parts as required by code.

Our services to the restaurant and food service market are second to none in the region. With a customer base that includes national giants like: Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Denny’s and Moe’s Southwest Grill along with local favorites: Duffs, Anchor Bar, Salvatores Italian Gardens & Chefs you can be rest assured of being with the right fire protection firm.

Warranty Protected

As All State Fire is certified by all the manufacturers of today’s systems, we can provide the manufacturer’s warranty for as long as we service your system. We will extend your manufacturer’s warranty even if we didn’t install the system.

Kitchen Suppression

Hazard Assessment, Design and Installation with periodic maintenance of all types of Kitchen suppression systems. These are designed to specifically eliminate the fuel source and smother the fire with a cooling blanket of agent. All our technicians are fully trained and certified by the Manufacturers we represent and are available to serve your needs 24/7/365.

All Inclusive Maintenance Service Agreements

Full Range of Services

  • Commercial Kitchen Ventilation
  • Engineering, Design & Installation
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Heated Make Up Air
  • Stainless Steel Backsplash
  • Third Party Light Tests
  • Hazard Assessment

Over 1,000 times a day, fires ignite in commercial kitchens. The failure of a suppression system to operate properly will prove very costly. With today's high-temperature appliances using oil and solid fuels, it's essential that kitchen fire suppression systems stay in good operating condition.

A restaurant fire suppression system is designed to provide fire protection for restaurant cooking appliances, exhaust hoods, and ducts as defined by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 17A – Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems, and NFPA 96 – Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations. These systems are pre-engineered and consist of mechanical and electrical components for installation by an authorized distributor.

All State Fire Equipment is a Captive Aire Distributor

Captive-Aire designs, engineers, manufacturers and delivers quality, fully integrated, solutions for the kitchen ventilation market. Captive-Aire will recommend the appropriate models and sizes of our products to provide you with an excellent solution. We understand the importance of providing the correct kitchen ventilation system design for each unique application.

Providing you with: Commercial Kitchen Ventilation, Exhaust Fans, Heaters, Make Up Air When determining requirements for a ventilation system, here are a few items that must be considered:

  • Aesthetics requirements
  • Local code requirements
  • Equipment size, type, location
  • Kitchen layout (walls, doors, pass and drive through windows)
  • HVAC coordination
  • Location and design temperature of the job site

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