Paint Booth Fire Suppression

Vehicle Paint Spray Booth Fire Suppression Systems are of the pre-engineered type as defined by the NFPA Standard for Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems, NFPA-17. Extinguishing systems are intended to be installed, maintained, and serviced in accordance with NFPA-17. Vehicle Paint Spray Booth Systems have been evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in accordance with the specific test protocol found in the UL1254 Standard (Pre-engineered Dry Chemical System Units).

Fire Protection for Paint Spray Booths

Paint spray booths are utilized in facilities from small automotive body shops to very large industrial facilities. Not only do most used lacquer and paint products provide a fuel for a fire, the fires by-products can place a much larger danger to personnel in the area of the fire. This application requires a system designed to sense fires quickly, sound alarms to warn personnel in the area and suppress the fire.

All State Fire offers a unique approach to fire protection - total system solutions. With this approach in mind, we have established a total fire protection package ideal for a Paint Spray Booth. From Pre-engineered systems, wet sprinkler, hand portable fire extinguishers, detection and alarm systems. We will protect your facilities with the latest tested and approved fire protection methods.

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