Fire Alarm Systems & Service

Serving New York State & Northern Pennsylvania

All State Fire & Security is your full-service fire alarm company in the state of New York and in Northern Pennsylvania. We provide engineering, design, and installation for fire alarm systems as well as inspections, repairs and monitoring. We service all systems, large and small. At All State, we make managing your fire protection systems easier by providing your fire alarm service and monitoring as well as your other fire protection needs under one service contract.

Fire Alarm Systems & Services

  • Engineering, Design, Installation, Inspections and Service
  • UL/FM Approved Monitoring Service
  • All Inclusive Maintenance and Service Agreements
  • Cellular, AES Mesh, IP Monitoring to eliminate costly phone lines
  • On-Call 24/7 Services
  • Non-proprietary fire panels
  • No System too large or small
  • 100% addressable systems including notification devices.

All State Fire & Security is an authorized Autocall, Bosch Fire and Security, and DSC dealer. We service all existing systems.

Fire Alarm Autocall Systems

Providing quality products since 1908. Autocall features a robust line of products from large enterprise solutions to small retail needs. Autocall is one of the few fire alarm systems providing addressable NAC devices (Horns and Strobes). This feature allows for each individual device to be set off during alarm or during testing, reducing the inconvenience of your annual fire alarm inspection. Along with a state-of-the-art self-diagnostic capability, finding deficiencies is easier reducing the costly time of troubleshooting during a service call and reducing the time required for an inspection. Ask us more about our product line.

Fire Alarm and Security Monitoring

All State Fire & Security provides fire alarm monitoring through a top-rated central station. Our central station is UL listed, FM approved and NYFD certified. Our alarm monitoring services give you peace of mind that your facility is getting the attention it needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fire Alarm AES Mesh Monitoring

AES Mesh monitoring provides a long-term cost-effective means of communication for your fire alarm and security alarm systems. No need for Phone Lines, Cellular Service, or Internet. This form of communications can operate independently of your internal IT infrastructure. Allow AES Mesh to reduce the headache of service calls related to communications faults due to changes in your IT infrastructure or unscheduled maintenance by your ISP Provider. AES Mesh is approved as a fire panels only means of communication, providing multiple redundant faster communication pathways for your system. Built on a communication network provided by your neighbors it can lower the long-term costs for monitoring for your facility. Contact us for additional information.

Fire Alarm / Security Monitoring

Most fire and security systems are connected to a central monitoring station. Many of which are simply inferior in many ways. From their phone providers to their backup generators. We at All State Fire and Security have chosen to partner with Rapid Response Monitoring Services out of Syracuse, NY. Rapid Response is UL listed, FM approved, NYFD certified, and a member of the Central Station Alarm Association.

The weakest link in your security or fire alarm system is the central station. Be sure to choose your alarm company wisely, and make sure they utilize a top-rated central station.

In addition to being a top-rated central station, Rapid Response offers remote apps and web access for the customer to manage their system, get reports, check signals, and perform many other functions that the others cannot offer. This in turn eliminates false alarms, gives you total control of your system, and ultimately saves you money on opening/closing fees and reports.

Request a Quote for a Fire Alarm System & Monitoring

To get started on your fire alarm project with All State Fire & Security, request a free, no obligation quote today. Whether you need a new system installation, monitoring or service for an existing system, All State is the single source solution for all your needs. We serve customers in New York State and Northern Pennsylvania.

NYS License Number 12000293935

Request a Quote for an Alarm or Security System

If you are interested in a fire alarm or security system from All State Fire & Security, request a no obligation quote today. We will assess the needs of your application and provide you with the alarm and security system that is best for you. All State serves commercial and industrial clients in New York State and Northern Pennsylvania.

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