Kitchen Fire Suppression & Ventilation

ANSUL® Restaurant Electric Detection (RED) Technology

ANSUL Restaurant Electric Detection (RED) Technology is an electric, fully supervised and monitored technology designed to work with ANSUL R-102 and PIRANHA Fire Suppression Systems.

ANSUL® RED Technology provides confidence and safety by simplifying the protection of high-volume, commercial cooking environments. Its thoughtfully designed functions keep kitchens running efficiently while providing 24/7 protection.

The system is ideally suited for use in catering facilities, cafeterias, casual and fine dining, fast food chains, food courts, hotels and casinos, sports complexes and stadiums and other multi-kitchen facilities.

Install ANSUL® RED Technology

All State Fire & Security can install ANSUL® RED Technology in your commercial kitchen in New York State or Northern PA. If you are interested in keeping your kitchen safe and running smoothly, this technology may be a good fit for you. To learn more about kitchen detection systems, contact All State today! 

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