Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Effective, Safe, Clean & Environmentally Friendly

If you have an application where a water-based fire protection system will not be effective or where it could cause irreparable damage, you may want to consider a clean agent fire suppression system.

Benefits of Clean Agent Fire Suppression

  • Fast acting
  • Highly effective
  • Safe for occupied areas
  • Leave no residue
  • Electrically nonconductive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suppresses a fire in its incipient stage

Some of the clean agent systems we provide include:

Clean agent fire suppression systems are typically installed in data centers, record storage facilities, museums, and more. At All State Fire & Security, we can assess your application to determine which type of clean agent system is the best fit for your application. We install, inspect, test and repair clean agent systems for customers in New York State and Northern Pennsylvania.

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