Security Solutions Installation, Service & Monitoring

At All State Fire & Security, we provide design, installation, service of integrated end to end building security systems. We provide security solutions for healthcare facilities, schools, manufacturing facilities, hospitality applications and much more. All State serves the State of New York and Northern Pennsylvania.

Security System Monitoring

At All State, we provide award winning UL listed central station monitoring by Rapid Response.

Our cellular/IP central station monitoring saves on costly phone lines, is more secure, and includes text messaging and remote apps to control your systems from Android or iPhone. We carry industry leading products to keep pace with an ever-evolving industry.

Video Surveillance

We offer video surveillance systems with remote access via web browser, iPhone and droid apps. Some solutions we offer include high-definition capable video technology and license plate recognition. Security system leasing is available.

Access Control Systems

At All State, we also offer IP based access control systems that feature:

  • Proximity readers
  • iclass technology
  • Remote access to unlock/lock doors remotely
  • System lockdown
  • Add or delete users remotely

Protection Against Theft

Protection against theft and intrusion is a fundamental concern of every business owner.

From selection of equipment to quality of installation, and based on an evaluation of your security needs, Allstate Fire and Security will provide you with an effective security system within your budget and exceptional service after the sale.

  • Design, installation, service of integrated burglary, CCTV, and access control systems.
  • Award winning UL listed central station monitoring by Rapid Response.
  • Cellular/IP central station monitoring, saves on costly phone lines, more secure, text messaging and remote apps to control your systems from droid or iPhone.
  • The latest cellular and IP products are available.
  • Analog and IP CCTV, remote access via web browser, iPhone and Android apps. High-definition capable video technology, license plate recognition, system leasing available.
  • IP based access control systems, proximity readers, iclass technology, remote access to unlock/lock doors remotely, add or delete users remotely.

All State Fire & Security is an authorized dealer for Avigilon, Bosch Security, Axis, Exacq vision IP nvr’s/dvr’s, Milestone, Interlogix,

Avigilon proudly made in the USA and are not affected by the government ban on foreign cameras.

We can service your existing systems regardless of manufacturer!!

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All State Fire & Security can provide video surveillance, access control systems and security system monitoring to customers in New York State and Northern PA. If you are interested in learning more about our security systems, request a free no obligation quote today.  

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