What is Alarm Monitoring?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was a fire or break in while nobody was present at your building? You cannot always monitor your building 24/7 yourself, which is why it is important to rely on alarm monitoring. Alarm monitoring is a quick responsive device that communicates between your building alarm systems and a central station provider. Alarm monitoring can be for fire, security, or both.


What is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

With fire alarms occupants can be notified when a fire is present and they can safely exit the building and call for fire department back up. But what happens when nobody is present in the building or the call to the fire department is delayed because people are focused on getting out of the building? With fire alarm monitoring, when your fire alarm detects a fire, they automatically will notify the central monitoring station and the fire department will then be contacted. With fire alarm monitoring occupants can focus on getting out without worrying if someone called for help. Fire alarm monitoring also provides 24/7 watch on the building, and if a fire does occur while nobody is present, the fire department is still able to be notified.


What is Security Alarm Monitoring

Security alarm monitoring is very similar to fire alarm monitoring. Security monitoring is linked to a central monitoring station where there is communication between the building’s security devices and a third party. If nobody is present when a security breach occurs or nobody is able to call authority, the monitoring system will take care of it for you. A 24/7 watch on your building will be provided, and you and the proper authority will be notified if there is a breach. Different from fire alarm monitoring, security alarm systems often offer remote app access and web access for building owners to see what is going on when they are away from the building.


Allstate Fire and Security Monitoring

If you are looking for fire and security alarm monitoring, look no further than Allstate Fire and Security. Allstate Fire and Security offers a connected monitoring station for fire and security alarm monitoring. Our systems provide 24/7 watch for both your fire and security alarm systems.

We offer 24 Monitoring on:

  • Fire
  • Security
  • Fire pump signals
  • Sprinkler water flow and supervisory signals
  • Temperature
  • System trouble status
  • Sub systems such as clean agents and other special hazard systems

Contact your nearest Allstate Fire and Security office today to learn more about fire and security monitoring. No need to stress about what is going on at your building when you are not there, let Allstate take care of monitoring it for you!